Last weekend’s shoot with the Washington School of Photography

Attendees getting ready to shoot…

Last weekend, we got together with the Washington School of Photography at the Pinebox Art Center in Baltimore to present the new X10 AC/DC Strobe Light and some new light modifiers. During the two day open shoot, attendees were able to test action shots with lots of motion using the Multiblitz X-System in Speed Mode and play around with different setups and modifiers.

We used the X10 AC/DC strobe light with the  40″ Deep Parabolic Octabox (PROFOC 100P) as the key light. For a 2 light setup we used the battery-powered Profilux Plus 200 Ws studio light as the fill light, switching back and forth between numerous modifiers including the 12″ x 48″ Strip Light (PRORIP 30), the 17″ 3-in-1 Beauty Dish Reflector (PROBEAU SET), and a 7″ Silver Reflector (FILNOS).

If you are n the Balto./DC area and would like to try out Multiblitz products, please contact us at:

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