How to use a one light setup to make the bride happy…

During a recent wedding shoot, Multiblitz professional Firat Bagdu was asked by the bride to capture the beauty of her wedding dress as a memento. A renowned wedding photographer throughout Europe, Firat often uses a simple one light setup for his wedding shoots: The Multiblitz Glamkit. It includes a battery operable monolight, a Propac battery pack incl. trolley, and a 3 ft. octagonal softbox (GLAMBOX).

©2013 Firat Bagdu - Multiblitz Professional

Firat positioned the bride on top of a picnic table and placed the light slightly above her (approximately 45 deg to her right and 6 ft. away). He used a 800 Ws Profilux Plus monolight set to 1/2 power (i.e. 400 Ws)….sufficient for that overcast day. A nice feature is the reflection of the bride and the light in the background.

©2013 Firat Bagdu - Multiblitz Professional

Shot by Firat Bagdu with Multiblitz Studio Lighting Equipment.

The Glamkit was also one of the main light setups used by Anthony Neste in his workshops this spring. (Read more about the Anthony Neste Workshop)

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