Holiday Sale 2014

Holiday Sale 2014

We found some awesome gear that we need to part with. Meaning…..great prices for you! Shop now.

Photo or Video? You choose….the V6 LED Light – available today!

The Light

The Multiblitz V6 LED light is a hybrid lighting solution for photo and video applications. Equipped with one of the most advanced 4000 K LED modules available, it guarantees a flattering color rendition at a slightly warmer color temperature. Light output is controlled over 2.5 f-stops (0.5 steps) via the included multi-voltage power supply unit. ….read more.

Photo or Video?

The V6 can be used for continuous light photography or the ever growing videography/photo-fusion segment. Most current DSLRs feature exceptional video capabilities. The switch from photo to video is therefore incredible easy with the continuous V6 LED Light.

Some Lighting Examples

The Kit

For starters, we introduce a simple one-light kit that includes the V6 LED Light in a softcase with all required cables, light stand, power supply unit and the new 28″ Octabox (M-OCTA-70)…read more.

Battery Operable with PROPAC Power Packs

The V6 LED Light can be powered with the Multiblitz PROPAC Battery Packs and operated between 90-260 V on any power grid worldwide. PROPAC power packs can supply you a tremendous amount of power for outdoor photography / video shoots. Operated on PROPAC 1 (2) power packs one V6 LED Light can be operated for 70 (150) minutes at full power. With this power pack you are absolutely free what, when, and where you want to shoot – except underwater…read more

Watch the V6 in action:

Let’s get technical…here are the details:

  • Luminous flux: 6000 lm
  • 2200 lux @ 6 ft.
  • Flicker-free control over 2.5 f-stops
  • Color temperature: 4000K, stable over entire control range
  • Up to 2.5 h battery operation w/Multiblitz PROPAC battery packs
  • Multi-Voltage power supply: 90 – 260V
  • Weighs only 3 lbs (4.3 lbs with power supply)
  • Very compact dimensions: 4.3 x 10.2 x 6.4 in
  • 50,000 h lifetime (light degradation, L70)
  • Silenced fan-cooling
  • CRI > 92 (+/- 2%)
  • Chromaticity tolerance (CCx, CCy): +/- 0,0005 %
  • Fits all Multiblitz P-Type bayonet light modifiers.


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Beauty Dish Reflector & 1 Monolight – Making of the Chainsaw Bride by Firat Bagdu

The Shot

Who Did It?

Wedding photographer and Multiblitz Pro Firat Bagdu likes to stir up his wedding shoots sometimes. Take a look at his gallery.

How Did He Do It?

This quick and dirty shot themed Chainsaw Bride was done with a simple one light setup combined with ambient light. Firat used a Profilux Plus 800 Ws monolight to overpower the sun on a Propac 1 battery pack as the portable power source. As light shaper he used the Multiblitz 3-in-1 Beauty Dish almost frontal to the model.

Watch the video below!

The Light Shaper

The 17″ 3-in-1 Beauty Dish Reflector can be used with the included soft screen, the center deflector or with the honeycomb grid to give the beauty dish additional versatility. The white reflective surface produces a nice and soft light. Used with the center deflector, it creates a wide and uniform yet dramatic light cone that wraps around your subject with a hazy zone in the center and a nice gradual fall-off. A perfect light shaper for close up beauty, portrait and fashion photography…read more.

Beauty Dish Reflector

3-in-1 Beauty Dish Reflector

The Monolight

The TIPA® Award winning Profilux Plus 800 Ws Monolight produces enough light to overpower the sun.  With 8 f-stops controlled in 1/10 it can be dialed down to 6.2 Ws. With the built-in multi-voltage technology (100-260V) it can be used anywhere you go – worldwide. Battery operated on the Propac 1 power pack it delivers up to 300 full power more.

Battery Powered Monolight

Profilux Plus 800 Ws Battery Operated Monolight

The Power Source

The Propac 1 Battery Pack for Monolights is your portable power source. It delivers up to 300 full power flashes with the Profilux Plus 800 Ws monolight without ever overheating (up to 1400 with the Profilux Plus 200!) . It weighs about 19 lbs. and charges in 4 hours. With this power pack you are absolutely free what, when, and where you want to shoot – except underwater…read more.

Portable Battery for Monolights

Propac 1 Battery Pack

Watch The Video:

OFF CAMERA FLASH – a new kind of monolight?

What’s it all about?

So you think what’s the buzz about off camera flash? Well, to us it’s just semantics. Off camera means well…something that is not attached to your camera’s hot shoe. So we’re thinking speedlights or monolights positioned on a tripod at some distance from you that are triggered by your camera via sync cord or wireless trigger. Makes sense? To us it does….no matter how you name it, it’s a flash not sitting directly on the hot shoe. Everything else is marketing…

To celebrate this new insight you can get a $100 Off Discount when purchasing a Profilux Plus 200 Ws Battery Powered Monolight at by using the following code during checkout:


…and the best thing is: Profilux Plus monolights can be used on Propac battery packs!

Off-Camera Flash by Multiblitz

Profilux Plus 200 Ws  Studio Flash

Learn more about Multiblitz monolights at our US online store

X10 AC/DC – The Most Sophisticated Studio Flash Around

A Class of its Own – Purely Professional

The Multiblitz X10 AC/DC is designed to fulfill the high demands of commercial, fashion, and advertisement photographers. Due to the integrated “SPEED MODE“, super fast recycling times with up to 20 flashes per second are possible due to simultaneous re-charging and firing of the flash. Staggeringly short flash durations second to none make the X10 AC/DC the perfect tool  for freeze-photography. The X10 AC/DC strobe light is battery operable, guaranteeing up to 310 (650) flashes at full power with the Multiblitz PROPAC 1 (PROPAC 2) battery pack. In developing the X System, we strictly followed the high technical standards of professional DSLRs and created a battery-powered studio flash for the modern high-class professional.

The X-SYSTEM can take on any floor pack in its class. 

The X System features a control range of 10 f-stops, adjustable in 1/11 increments. The flash output ranges between 1.9 and 1000 Ws and the fast-dial function allows quick adjustments between low and high outputs. Multiblitz’s “true-multi-voltage-technology” protects the X-SYSTEM from power grid voltage fluctuations. With an operating voltage rang between 80-265 V, the X-SYSTEM is a versatile flash which can be used anywhere in the world.

Super Fast – Consistent Performance – Extremely Efficient  

Multiblitz V-Type Mount

  • 1000 Ws
  • 10 stop control range
  • 1/4000 s flash duration
  • Super fast 1.5 recycling time at full power
  • Up to 20 flashes per second in SPEED MODE
  • Optional DC battery operation w/PROPAC battery pack

To See the Most Sophisticated Studio Flash Available:

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X10 AC/DC High Speed Studio Flash Brochure
Multiblitz 2014 Catalog


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Hans-Gerd Wulms, 1935 – 2013

Gerd Wulms, 1935-2013

We are saddened to announce that our father, friend and boss Gerd Wulms passed in the early morning hours of December 5, 2013

Since 1973, Gerd Wulms led Multiblitz with ingenuity, creativity and innovation to become the leading manufacturer of studio flash systems worldwide. In 1976, he forever changed the photography world when he invented the MINISTUDIO, the world’s first portable lighting kit in a suitcase. Many more innovations followed.

With Gerd Wulms, the photo industry loses a hard-working pioneer and passionate entrepreneur. We will miss him dearly and will do everything to carry on Multiblitz in his spirit.

Falk & Veit Wulms and everyone at Multiblitz


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Profilux Plus 200 Cyber Week 2013 Deal

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Multiblitz P-Type or V-Type?

Why there are different type of mounts?

Well, it’s all history: Multiblitz is the forerunner in the industry when it comes to developing light-weight, compact, and small studio lights. The original Multiblitz mount is the larger V-Type mount. When Multiblitz introduced the world’s most compact studio flash: the Profilite, the smaller and compact housing of the studio light required a smaller mount: The P-Type mount (Get it? Profilite – P-Type…we know, incredible German creativity). And while we were at it, we called the larger mount V-Type after the – you guessed it – Variolite studio flash. Today, both mounts coexist. Compact units with small housings and the P-Type bayonet mount, and larger, more powerful units, with the larger V-Type bayonet mount.

So what’s the difference?

As you can see in the image above, the P-Type speedring has a smaller inner diameter of approx. 3 3/4″ (9.5 cm), has 4 narrow prongs and is very compact. The V-Type mount has a diameter of about 5″ (12.5 cm), has 4 wide prongs and is more robust. Currently, Pro X tungsten lights, Compact Plus, Profilux (Eco) and Profilux Plus studio lights feature the P-Type mount. X-System studio strobes are the only studio lights in the current Multiblitz portfolio that feature the V-Type mount.

Does it make sense?

Well, while it might be confusing, it actually makes sense. Smaller housing = smaller mount. Larger housing = larger mount. We are working on providing every Multiblitz light modifier for both bayonet mounts, at least softbox and octabox modifiers.  It is another story with hard metal reflectors, but we offer a 28″ Beauty Dish XL with interchangeable speedring. There are some limitations though: Due to the torque that is acting on the units, not all large modifiers will be available for the smaller P-Type mount. Below is a list of the different P-Type and V-Type Multiblitz studio lights.

P-Type Mount Multiblitz Studio Lights

Multiblitz P-Type Mount

  • Profilux Eco
  • Profilux
  • Profilux Plus
  • Profilux Classic
  • Compact Plus
  • Pro X
  • Digi X
  • Digilite
  • Profilite Compact
  • Compactlite
  • Profilite
  • Minilite

V-Type Mount Multiblitz Studio Lights

Multiblitz V-Type Mount

  • X-System
  • Xenolux
  • Varilux
  • Varispot
  • Variolite Compact
  • Variolite
  • Vari
  • Studiolite
  • Mini-Studio


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