V6 LED Light with barn doors

Photo or Video? You choose….the V6 LED Light – available today!

The Light The Multiblitz V6 LED light is a hybrid lighting solution for photo and video applications. Equipped with one of the most advanced 4000 K LED modules available, it guarantees a flattering color rendition at a slightly warmer color temperature. Light output is controlled over 2.5 f-stops (0.5 steps) via the included multi-voltage power supply unit. ….read more. Photo or Video? The V6 can be used for continuous light photography or the ever growing…

Multiblitz Beauty Dish Chainsaw Bride Shoot

Beauty Dish Reflector & 1 Monolight – Making of the Chainsaw Bride by Firat Bagdu

The Shot Who Did It? Wedding photographer and Multiblitz Pro Firat Bagdu likes to stir up his wedding shoots sometimes. Take a look at his gallery. How Did He Do It? This quick and dirty shot themed Chainsaw Bride was done with a simple one light setup combined with ambient light. Firat used a Profilux Plus 800 Ws monolight to overpower the sun on a Propac 1 battery pack as the portable…

Off-Camera Flash by Multiblitz

OFF CAMERA FLASH – a new kind of monolight?

What’s it all about? So you think what’s the buzz about off camera flash? Well, to us it’s just semantics. Off camera means well…something that is not attached to your camera’s hot shoe. So we’re thinking speedlights or monolights positioned on a tripod at some distance from you that are triggered by your camera via sync cord or wireless trigger. Makes sense? To us it does….no matter how you name…

X10 AC/DC Control Panel

X10 AC/DC – The Most Sophisticated Studio Flash Around

A Class of its Own – Purely Professional The Multiblitz X10 AC/DC is designed to fulfill the high demands of commercial, fashion, and advertisement photographers. Due to the integrated “SPEED MODE“, super fast recycling times with up to 20 flashes per second are possible due to simultaneous re-charging and firing of the flash. Staggeringly short flash durations second to none make the X10 AC/DC the perfect tool  for freeze-photography. The X10 AC/DC strobe light is…

Gerd Wulms, 1935-2013

Hans-Gerd Wulms, 1935 – 2013

We are saddened to announce that our father, friend and boss Gerd Wulms passed in the early morning hours of December 5, 2013 Since 1973, Gerd Wulms led Multiblitz with ingenuity, creativity and innovation to become the leading manufacturer of studio flash systems worldwide. In 1976, he forever changed the photography world when he invented the MINISTUDIO, the world’s first portable lighting kit in a suitcase. Many more innovations followed.…



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Multiblitz P-Type or V-Type?

Why there are different type of mounts? Well, it’s all history: Multiblitz is the forerunner in the industry when it comes to developing light-weight, compact, and small studio lights. The original Multiblitz mount is the larger V-Type mount. When Multiblitz introduced the world’s most compact studio flash: the Profilite, the smaller and compact housing of the studio light required a smaller mount: The P-Type mount (Get it? Profilite – P-Type…we…